Dying Light 2: Best Parkour Skills to Get

Allow no one to doubt Aiden’s ability to transform into a total beast in Dying Light 2. He’s an embarrassment at first, injuring himself on falls that elementary school kids can handle. He can’t keep his grip on a wall for more than a few seconds. Climbing wall newbies will guffaw at his pathetic efforts. That’s why it is essential to get the best Parkour Skills.

Aiden, however, can transform into a classic parkour master with the right skills, capable of feats that no reasonable human being would attempt.

Dying Light 2: Best Parkour Skills to Get

Best Parkour Skills to Get in Dying Light 2

Because skill points in Dying Light 2 are distributed as if they were a metric ton, players should focus on the most important skills first. Here are 10 best parkour skills you should get in Dying Light 2:

Safe Landing

Dying Light 2: Best Parkour Skills to Get

Players would prefer to stay on the rooftops until they are forced to descend to the streets to see some of Aiden’s friends (and enemies). However, because the buildings are so far apart, going from one rooftop to the next is only possible in a few circumstances.

Some of these rooftops are quite high, and going down the long way takes a long time and saps Aiden’s strength. Aiden’s ability to jump, not take damage, and get up and running is a significant advantage for a single skill in many critical missions.

High Jump

Dying Light 2: Best Parkour Skills to Get

This is the first skill in the tree, so it may seem obvious, but think about it for a moment. After watching streamer after streamer fail to shuffle up a rooftop or leap over a chasm, it’s becoming clear that High Jump isn’t being used by nearly enough players.

There’s a lot to like and dislike about Dying Light 2, but unless players learn to prioritize their High Jump over their regular jump, they’ll most likely abandon the game before reaching the main story.

Fast Climb

Dying Light 2: Best Parkour Skills to Get

Dying Light 2 is nearly impossible to complete without Fast Climb, which is another early pick. While scaling walls, Aiden’s stamina drains at an absurdly fast rate, to the point where he’s a complete joke. Despite this advantage, he lacks the stamina of a typical rock wall climber.

While the skill could be improved, it remains one of the best in the tree. Aiden can’t reach many secret areas without Fast Climb because they require a lot of climbing. More secret areas equals more loot, which is always a plus.

Firm Grip

Dying Light 2: Best Parkour Skills to Get

Aiden leaps across a gap and barely snags onto the edge countless times throughout the game. However, unless he has the Firm Grip skill, he will eventually plummet downward. Gamers are demanding that this, as well as other issues with the game, be addressed.

Fortunately, the perk is simple to obtain and is available as the second option. Firm Grip is highly recommended because many of the game’s required traversals are impossible to complete without it. Without it, Aiden appears to be a rather weak hero.

Double Jump

Dying Light 2: Best Parkour Skills to Get

So Aiden had to sacrifice a few points just to be average. He does, however, gain a few superhuman abilities. And there’s one called Double Jump that is so good that no one alive can even pretend to be able to do it. Another mid-air jump is legendary in the world of video games.

Aiden can’t, for example, stop himself from hitting the ground with another jump before impact because the second jump must be done right after takeoff. However, in a game where movement is so important, Aiden can use Double Jump to reach previously unreachable areas.

Crowd Runner

Dying Light 2: Best Parkour Skills to Get

To appreciate the value of Crowd Runner, players must first recognize a key distinction between chase scenes in most games/movies and chase scenes in Dying Light 2. In most running scenes, the runner is just ahead of the pursuer.

Aiden’s pursuers are approaching from all sides in this game. And until he obtains Crowd Runner, the enemies in front of him will halt his progress. Even if he masters weapon mods, he won’t be able to deal enough damage before he’s overwhelmed. Aiden can use Crowd Runner to charge through these foes.


Dying Light 2: Best Parkour Skills to Get

Because skill points are scarce in Dying Light 2, the most useful skills are the most useful. If players only get one point after ten hours of gaming, it had better be a special one. Dart is the skill that gives you the most bang for your buck.

It improves the player’s speed. It gives them the ability to jump higher and further. It also allows them to run on walls for longer periods of time. Yes, Aiden’s wheelhouse can eventually include wall running, and it’s just as awesome as it sounds, but it’ll be short-lived unless he also picks up Dart.

Tic Tac

Dying Light 2: Best Parkour Skills to Get

In general, wall running is incredible. Players will recall the feeling they had in games like Titanfall when they were able to run on walls with ease. It also works in this case. The only difference is that players must invest a skill point in Tic Tac to make it happen.

Players familiar with the game may be skeptical of this claim, as the game’s wall running appeared to last longer than humanly possible. Aiden does the same thing here, able to wall run and cross gaps that would otherwise be insurmountable.

Wall Run

Dying Light 2: Best Parkour Skills to Get

Tic Tac and Wall Run may sound similar, but they are not the same game. Tic Tac is a game in which players move horizontally across a vertical surface. Wall Run is a game where you run straight up a vertical wall. Aiden can climb part of the way up a surface with no grips near the bottom.

Aiden’s travel options have been expanded once more. Even if you aren’t looking for a thrill, consider that this is a much faster way to get up a flat area than the traditional High Jump. Wall Run is a great game for those who don’t want to lose speed while jumping over obstacles.

Wall Combo

Dying Light 2: Best Parkour Skills to Get

Is it surprising that players can simultaneously use Tix Tac and Wall Run without touching the ground in this game? A flat surface is required for players to fly by rotating between the two.

Closed spaces with a high doorway benefit greatly from this feature. Aiden can run along, then up, then along, and so on until he reaches the top. To save time when climbing to the top of tall buildings near the end of the game, this is a great addition.

Well, these are the best Parkour Skills you can get in Dying Light 2 Stay Human. We hope this guide helped you.

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