Destiny 2: What The Lord Of Wolves Catalyst Does & How To Find It


With the Season of Dawn update, the Lord of Wolves Catalyst is now available in Destiny 2. In Destiny 2, Catalysts are powerful additions to Exotic weapons. They can be found and added to the gun, after which they can charge by completing a small quest. They provide a unique benefit to the weapon when fully activated. Catalysts can be found through a variety of activities in the game, though not all Exotic weapons currently have them.

One of the most underutilized exotic shotguns in Destiny 2 is the Lord of Wolves. Besides, it had a notorious reputation of being a beast before a recent weakness. However, even now, it packs quite a punch within a decent range when you compare it to other close-range guns available in Destiny 2.

This especially stands true when you factor in Lord of Wolves Catalyst’s perks. Also, this item goes a long way in improving the consistency and potency of an already powerful weapon. So the giving a thought about trying the Lord of Wolves once again must have some knowledge before going in. And that’s what this guide is all about.

Destiny 2: What The Lord Of Wolves Catalyst Does & How To Find It

Destiny 2: What The Lord Of Wolves Catalyst Does & How To Find It

The Lord of Wolves Catalyst comes with a very special ability that is called Fang and Claw. Further, it provides two potential benefits to this exotic shotgun:

  1. Increased reload speed when Release the Wolves is activated
  2. Increased stability when Release the Wolves in deactivated

Release the Wolves is a characteristic feature that allows players to hold the reload button to switch firing modes to deliver longer and more powerful bursts.

Consequently, when the player is firing in this mode, the reload speed will be much higher. Similarly, the player can use this weapon in its default space and enjoy increased stability.

How To Find The Lord Of Wolves Catalyst

The Lord of Wolves Catalyst is a random drop and whenever the player completes a Strike, Gambit, or wins a Crucible match, it can be found. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter where or what difficulty all of those activities have an equal drop rate after competition of the challenge.

Frankly speaking whatever activities that player can compete in the fastest time would likely be the best choice. After all, the Lord of Wolves appears as a result of finishing the activity.

Consequently, the best way to farm for this catalyst is to finish the activity as soon as possible. Strikes are probably best as long as the player does that at least at Heroic level.

You can get the Lord of Wolves catalyst by finishing a match in the Crucible, Gambit, or Strikes playlists. It may appear as a reward at the conclusion of an activity.

When the Catalyst is fully charged, it becomes Masterworked and generates Orbs on multikills, as well as gaining a tracker that shows how many enemies it has defeated. To fully charge the Lord of Wolves Catalyst, you must kill 500 enemies with it. These kills can occur during any game activity.

The Catalyst increases the weapon’s reloading speed while the Release the Wolves Perk is active and improves stability when it isn’t.

While the Lord of Wolves isn’t the same weapon that terrified Guardians in the Crucible before a recent nerf, it’s still a useful and enjoyable weapon to use, and this Catalyst will only help it improve. While racking up those 500 kills may appear to be a lot of work, it will almost certainly be worthwhile.

Upgrading The Lord Of Wolves Catalyst

Once the players find the Lord of Wolves catalyst, they can enhance it further by upgrading it. In order to upgrade the Lord of Wolves Catalyst, players will need to kill 500 enemies using this exotic shotgun.

Moreover, it doe not matter what enemies are killed, what difficulty or where it is done. Therefore, as long as the final blow is dealt using the Lord of Wolves shotgun, it will count towards the total number of kills. Also, it is worth noting that you can get kills retroactively. So players can get a few kills while farming for the Lord of Wolves Catalyst.

Tips For Using The Lord Of Wolves Catalyst

The best farming spot to get those 500 kills is in the Shattered Throne Dungeon. There is a section where players can fight waves of Shadow Thrall being summoned by the Taken Wizards. However, it can be done solo as well. But it is much faster when having a team beside you.

Besides, it is important to remember that are a number of other Catalysts as well to obtain in Destiny 2 and the players can farm them while looking out for the Lord of Wolves catalyst. For example, the Legend of Acrius catalyst will drop in Night Fall: The Ordeal Strikes. Contrarily, you can get any other catalyst while killing 500 enemies.

That’s all we have for you finding the Lord of Wolves catalyst and tips for using it. We hope you find this guide helpful. If you liked this, make sure to check out how you can get the Legend Of Acrius in Destiny 2.

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