How to Complete Forging Iron Quest in Destiny 2

Season after season in Destiny 2, Lord Saladin visits the Iron Banner to challenge Guardians to a duel. Forging Iron is a new quest he must complete during the Season of the Haunted.

In the Season of the Haunted, the Iron Banner in Destiny 2 has been reworked, and you’ll have a new seasonal quest that explains its new features. The Iron Banner bounties are no longer available, and the Iron Banner will now use a reputation system similar to that of other activity vendors, such as the Crucible, Gambit, the Vanguard, and the Gunsmith.

This change will take effect immediately. Upon completing the quest, you will have the ability to apply new Iron Engrams to specific weapons and armor as part of the event. With that being said, here’s how Guardians can complete the Forging Iron quest in Destiny 2.

How to Complete Forging Iron Quest in Destiny 2

How to Complete Forging Iron Quest in Destiny 2?

In order to begin unlocking new reprised Iron Banner weapons, such as The Wizened Rebuke fusion rifle and The Hero’s Burden submachine gun, Lord Saladin will provide you with the necessary resources. Here’s how to get through the Forging Iron quest quickly and learn about the new reputation system elements.

Step 1: Complete an Iron Banner match

The good news is that you don’t have to win this one. It’s time to dust off your old Iron Banner gear, though. As a result of using Iron Banner weapons and armor to gain reputation points, you’ll be better prepared for the next stages of the game. To get the most out of your time and resources, equip up to five pieces of gear, including weapons and armor, and an Iron Banner emblem.

Step 2: Complete a Daily Challenge

Iron Banner bounties from Lord Saladin have been canceled for this year’s event. Instead, the Iron Banner node on the Director screen now displays daily challenges. You must win three games to earn a Pinnacle gear drop for completing this challenge.

As you participate in the event, your Iron Banner reputation grows as you complete daily challenges. There are four daily challenges, so you can expect to get four Pinnacle gear drops per character from the Iron Banner event. This is the same number of Pinnacles you could get from the old Iron Banner system through its bounty, so you can expect four daily challenges in a week.

Step 3: Earn Iron Banner Rank points

That Iron Banner gear you donned at the beginning of the quest was for this very reason. To unlock the Iron Banner gear, you must first earn 300 rank points, which isn’t difficult to do in a few matches, especially if you have the Iron Banner gear equipped.

If you hover your mouse over the icon on the left side of the Iron Banner Director screen, you can see your total reputation boost multiplier based on your current gear. As a result of completing the daily challenge and earning each piece of Iron Banner gear and an emblem, your rank has been increased by a total of 2x.

This means that for the next set of matches, you should be earning 4.44 times as many points as the Iron Banner reputation. You get more points if you have a long streak of completed Iron Banner matches, and you get even more points if you win.

Step 4: Claim an Iron Engram

How to Complete Forging Iron Quest in Destiny 2

You can return to Lord Saladin in the Tower once you’ve gained some experience. You can see how far you’ve progressed with him by looking at the top-right corner of his vendor screen. There are new Iron Engrams available for each level of the Iron Banner after completing the previous steps.

To complete this step, you must first obtain one. Saladin can direct your engram toward a specific piece of gear if you’ve previously played in the Iron Banner and have unlocked its weapons and armor. The Iron Engram, like with Umbral Engrams, can be turned into a random piece of Iron Banner gear by taking it to Rahool the Cryptarch.

Step 5: Talk to Lord Saladin

How to Complete Forging Iron Quest in Destiny 2

You’re done with the quest at this point. Complete the quest by talking to Lord Saladin one more time, which will unlock all of Saladin’s vendor options. You’ll want to play Iron Banner matches if you want to get more rewards, such as random gear drops and reputation points.

The Wizened Rebuke and the Hero’s Burden, two new weapons for Lord Saladin, are unlocked when you reach a certain number of reward points. Having a lot of Iron Banner gear and playing every day to complete the daily challenges will help you earn reputation ranks more quickly.

Well, that’s all we have here about how you can complete the Forging Iron quest in Destiny 2. We hope this guide helped you. If you liked this, make sure to check out how you can Get Skull of Dire Ahamkara in Destiny 2

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