Dead by Daylight: Best Killers Tier List

The new Killer Type, The Dredge, is introduced in Chapter 24: Roots of Dread of Dead by Daylight. Because of how strong this new character is, the game’s entire meta has shifted. The best killers in Dead by Daylight are ranked and detailed in our comprehensive guide. You’ll find out how The Dredge stacks up against other killers already in the game and why he deserves a spot at the top table.

Dead by Daylight: Best Killers Tier List

Dead by Daylight: Best Killers Tier List

Here’s our comprehensive best killers tier list for Dead by Daylight:

S-Tier Killers

Following the supreme or S-Tier killers:

The Nurse

  • Speed: 96.25% | 333.25%
  • Radius: 32 m

Sally Smithson, also known as the Nurse, is widely regarded as Dead by Daylight’s deadliest and most formidable antagonist.

Don’t bother trying to outrun or outsmart her because she can travel at lightning speed thanks to her Spencer’s Last Breath ability. She can chain blink up to 12 meters without getting tired for more than a few seconds at a time.

One of the benefits of the Nurse’s Calling perk is the ability to identify covert healers among the survivors. After that, she can use Thanatophobia to punish any survivor who attempts to restore, obstruct, or purge action speed.

However, due to the time required to master all of her abilities, this killer is not recommended for new players.

The Dredge

  • Speed: 115%
  • Radius: 32 m

The newest killer, introduced in the Roots of Dread downloadable content, undoubtedly possesses some grotesque abilities.

Because of his Reign of Darkness ability, he is unrestricted in his movement throughout the Trial Grounds and can instantly teleport to the Locker. This means that even in supposedly safe places, survivors are at risk.

The Dredge has the ability to use Septic Touch on any survivor who comes within his fear radius, rendering them incapable of receiving medical care and instead of cursing them with blindness and exhaustion.

This killer is easier to pick up and play than the other two I mentioned, making it ideal for beginners.

The Plague

  • Speed: 115%
  • Radius: 32 m

Adiris, also known as the Plague, is a mysterious character with a sophisticated terror perk system.

The killer’s ability, “Vile Purge,” allows her to spread disease, as her moniker suggests. Any survivor who touches an object that has come into contact with the Plague is at risk of contracting the disease, and this includes not only the people who are directly afflicted by the Plague but also anyone who touches the objects later.

In addition, she has the ability to spread fear among the remaining survivors. If you have the Dark Devotion perk, you can accomplish this.

Keep in mind that the Pool of Devotion in the Trial Grounds is the only thing that can save a survivor from this disease.

A-Tier Killers

Following are the best killers, aka A-tier. They are very powerful but less when compared to S-tier.

The Blight

  • Speed: 110% | 230%
  • Radius: 32 m

This savage murderer can accelerate to more easily catch and injure those who manage to escape their attacks.

His Blighted Corruption ability requires some extra work, but the payoff is substantial. Consuming all the tokens, depleting all your speed duration, and finally dealing that lethal damage takes a lot of practice.

The drawback to this power is that it takes a long time to wear off. You can use his Hex skills to control generators, pellets, or totems until all the tokens recharge.

The Spirit

  • Speed: 110% | 176%
  • Radius: 24 m

The Spirit, aka Rin Yamaoka, is like a more playful version of the Nurse; her teleportation abilities are particularly handy.

When the Yamaoka spirit leaves the body and travels independently of the human vessel, it is similar to the Nurse’s blink power. In contrast to the Nurse, who experiences only minimal fatigue after employing her ability, the Spirit needs a brief rest of about 15 seconds before she can do so.

Her Rancor skill can also be used to find survivors, though it only gives you fleeting glimpses of their locations for a few seconds at a time.

B-Tier Killers

B-Tier is often the best of the both worlds and have adequate power.

The Hillbilly

  • Speed: 115% | 230%
  • Radius: 32 m

As Max Thompson Jr., also known as the Hillbilly, you get to chase the survivors around with a chainsaw, making him the most entertaining killer in Dead by Daylight.

Hillbilly is a great option if you’re not a fan of the nefarious methods used by the previous killers. He’s tough as nails, never gives up, and moves at lightning speed, and his chainsaw is one of the best weapons in the game.

While The Hillbilly may be loud and predictable, no one else will ever be able to keep your attention like he can.

The Nemesis

  • Speed: 115% | 95% | 100%
  • Radius: 32 m

Dead by Daylight features a cameo by the mutant zombie boss from the Resident Evil series.

His strongest ability, the T-Power, allows him to track down and track down survivors in the Trial Grounds by calling upon an army of zombies. However, survivors can easily distract zombies with flashlights or firecrackers.

Moreover, Nemesis can inflict numerous unpleasant status effects on survivors.

Do not skip this boss if you enjoyed fighting him in the original Resident Evil games.

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