Dark Souls 4 Release Date: PS4, PS5, Xbox, PC, Switch

Is there a release date for Dark Souls 4? It’s been six years since the last full Dark Souls game, and fans are eagerly anticipating the release of From Software’s epic Elden Ring, a Souls-like action RPG.

Will there be a new Dark Souls game on PC and consoles, including last-gen systems like the Nintendo Switch, given that Elden Ring is a very different proposition from the Dark Souls universe and the Dark Souls trilogy remains popular?

Dark Souls 4 Release Date: PS4, PS5, Xbox, PC, Switch

What is the Dark Souls 4 Release Date on PS4, PS5, Xbox, and PC?

Dark Souls 4 will most likely not be released until 2024 or later, as From Software is currently focused on Elden Ring, so any unannounced or far-in-development projects will most likely be delayed for a few years.

Hidetaka’s series Although Miyazaki has previously stated that he is finished with the Dark Souls series, the franchise’s popularity may entice From Software to return, even if Miyazaki himself is not involved.

If Dark Souls 4 is in development, it could be released on both current and previous-generation systems, such as PC, Xbox One X, and PS5, in addition to PS4 and Xbox One, as Elden Ring has last-generation versions.

This, however, could change by the time Dark Souls 4 is released. Currently, the rumor is that From Software’s next game will be a more Souls-like Armored Core 6, so a new Dark Souls maybe a few years away.

Will Dark Souls 4 Release on Switch?

Given that only Dark Souls Remastered is available for Nintendo Switch and Elden Ring does not appear to be planned for Nintendo’s new console, Dark Souls 4 appears unlikely.

However, it’s possible that by the time Dark Souls 4 is released, Nintendo will have released a new console or a more powerful Nintendo Switch Pro system, and the game will be released on that console instead.

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