Best Ways to Collect Mahogany Seeds in Stardew Valley

Many kinds of trees can be found in Stardew Valley, but Mahogany is the most unusual. But there are some of the ways to collect Mahogany Seeds in Stardew Valley. In addition, you gain access to a rare material known as Hardwood. Following this comprehensive guide will teach you how to acquire Mahogany Seeds, which can be used to grow Hardwood or simply as a decorative addition to your farm in Stardew Valley.

Best Ways to Collect Mahogany Seeds in Stardew Valley

What Tools Do You Need to Collect Mahagony Seeds?

The first thing you need is any kind of axe, because Mahogany Trees can be cut with any kind of axe, but you also need at least a steel axe because Mahogany Trees are typically found as large stumps or logs. In order to increase your chances of success when harvesting Mahogany Seeds from rare trees, it is recommended that you first invest in better equipment.

How to Collect Mahogany Seeds in Stardew Valley?

Best Ways to Collect Mahogany Seeds in Stardew Valley


Other than improving your tools, there are a few other ways to get Mahogany Seeds in Stardew Valley.

1. Chop Down Mahogany Trees

Chopping down Mahagony Trees is possibly the best way to obtain Mahagony Seeds in Stardew Valley. When cut, Mahogany trees, like all others in Stardew Valley, have a small chance of dropping seeds. The Mahogany Trees are easy to find; just swing your axe at them.

2. Forage Around Fully Grown Trees

Trees in Stardew Valley periodically shed seeds. See if you can find any Mahogany Seeds lying around the farm. The seeds are scarce, so you’ll need to put in some extra effort to gather them.

The good news is that you can see the buried seeds (which look light orange) emerging from the ground. Get out your pickaxe or axe and start digging.

3. Open Golden Coconuts

Players who have unlocked Ginger Island can only use this method. Shaking palm trees on the island can yield these extremely rare coconuts. Find one? The local blacksmith, Clint, will crack it for 25 gold pieces if you bring it to him.

There is only a one in seven chance that a Golden Coconut will actually contain a Mahogany Seed, making this method inefficient. If you are looking for a quick strategy for farming seeds, try one of the other options provided here.

4. Buy Mahogany Seeds

Buying is one of the best ways to collect Mahagony Seeds in Stardew Valley for players looking for a quick and simple way to get their hands on some. Fixing the Island Farmhouse grants access to the Island Trader for ten Golden Walnuts.

Like any good thing of quality, Mahogany Seeds are not cheap. One stingray is required as payment. Here’s a hint: the only place to catch stingrays is in the waters around the pirate cove.

5. Slay Slimes in Secret Woods

Secret Woods can be found on the farm’s lower left side, in case you haven’t noticed it yet. Lots of usable Hardwood Mahogany limbs can be found in the Hidden Woods. Unfortunately, the area is also inhabited by powerful slimes, but their deaths do occasionally yield Mahogany Seeds. You can go farming for slimes and trees every day in the Secret Woods because everything there respawns.

There are a few Mahogany Trees scattered around Stardew Valley as well. If you don’t want to put in the effort required to cultivate seeds, you can try searching for them. I hope you have a wonderful time on your way to becoming the richest farmer in Stardew Valley.

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