Can You Play as ASAP Rocky in Need for Speed Unbound?

Do you want to know if A$AP Rocky is a playable character in Need for Speed Unbound? The rapper A$SAP Rocky worked on the soundtrack for Electronic Arts’s latest Need for Speed game, Unbound. Multiple trailers have featured him, and he composed a song and provided the sound for the film’s iconic automobile horn. The 34-year-old rapper is also responsible for the game’s hyper-realistic visual aesthetic. Naturally, you want to know if you can control him in Need for Speed Unbound. If you want to play as ASAP Rocky in Need for Speed Unbound, here’s all you need to know.

Can You Play as A$AP Rocky in Need for Speed Unbound?

Can You Play as A$AP Rocky in Need for Speed Unbound?

In Need for Speed Unbound, you will not be able to take on the role of A$AP Rocky. However, in the Takeover Scene PVE co-op mode, A$AP Rocky is included as a team commander. He is the leader who will help you and the other players accomplish your goal of controlling Lakeshore City.

According to the Need for Speed team, “You see out here, street style is everything.” this describes the Takeover events perfectly. Take over neighborhoods, show off your abilities to Lakeshore’s most fashionable street racers, and break valuables by pulling massive drifts. In this situation, style is more important than speed, but both are acceptable. Congratulations, you’ve just earned Rocky’s approval. And we have no doubt that you will fill Rocky with pride. We can’t wait to see the many examples of chic behavior you’ll share on social media.

We realize that you may be unhappy that you cannot assume the role of popular rap artist A$AP Rocky in Need for Speed Unbound, but rest assured that you will still be able to appreciate his talents in a number of other ways. Listed below are his accomplishments to date:

  • Takeover Scene game mode
  • Reveal trailer
  • Legendary car horn unlock
  • Featured in six songs from the soundtrack
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