10 Best Wii Games of All Time

There will always be a special place in our hearts for the Wii, even though it is now two generations behind in console technology. Some of these classics are still fun to play, and some have even been ported to the Nintendo Switch because of how well they hold up. Even though we will never get any more Wii games, the ones we did get were of stunning quality, so read, enjoy, and be thankful for them. With that being said, here are the 10 best Wii games of all time, ranked.

10 Best Wii Games of All Time

10 Best Wii Games of All Time

Here’s the most awaited list you have been looking for. Below is the list of the 10 best Wii games of all time. Make sure to read till the end to learn about their rankings and storyline.

1. Super Mario Galaxy

A lot of progress was made for everyone’s favorite Italian plumber from Brooklyn with the release of the first Super Mario Galaxy. To be able to run around planets was a small but significant innovation at the time. It was a pleasure to wear, and it gave off a cool vibe. In addition, Rosalina, who has an intriguing backstory and is currently the most well-known princess character, was first introduced here. This Mario game can take its place among the many others that have dominated the gaming market.

2. Mario Kart Wii

The release of Mario Kart on any platform is a major event, and the Wii game was no exception. Driving with the Wiimote’s motion controls felt great, and the game featured some impressive new courses. There have been an incredible number of new playable characters and music tracks added to the game over the years thanks to the dedicated efforts of the modding community, all of which you should explore if you ever find yourself returning to it.

3. Resident Evil 4

The GameCube version of Resident Evil 4 was fantastic, but the Wii version, which added pointer controls, is often regarded as the definitive version of the game. It was a great improvement over previous Resident Evil games to be able to use Wiimote’s motion controls to aim your shots with greater precision.

4. Wii Sports

When it comes to bundled games for the Nintendo Wii, Wii Sports couldn’t be better. It’s the single most important factor that could bring in millions of new gamers to the platform. Bowling, tennis, baseball, boxing, and golf were just some of the sports that piqued the interest of non-gamers and garnered the attention of gamers everywhere. It was simple enough that even the youngest members of the family could use it, and it continues to this day to add an exciting element to family gatherings. The Wii was a pain to get, but this little party pack made it all worth it.

5. Metroid Prime Trilogy

It’s fair to criticise Nintendo for overcharging for their older games, but the Metroid Prime Trilogy was one of the few times the company actually gave players a great deal. No matter your familiarity with the Metroid Prime series, having all of the games in the series on a single disc was a fantastic value for gamers. The fact that all of Samus’s first-person adventures were available immediately was a huge bonus, as they remain fan favourites and stand out as highlights in Nintendo’s library.

5. Metroid Prime Trilogy

Though Nintendo has been called out for charging exorbitant prices for their older games, the Metroid Prime Trilogy stands out as a rare instance where they actually gave players a great deal. The inclusion of all three of the most recent Metroid Prime games on a single disc was a fantastic value for fans of the series, whether or not they had previously played any of the games. Having Samus’s first-person adventures readily available was a huge help because they are still among Nintendo’s most beloved titles.

6. New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Even though the New Super Mario Bros. series has dragged on for far too long and has been done to death by this point, it was still very exciting to have Mario return to his routes with a 2D platformer on the Wii. This was also the first time four players could participate in a co-op session simultaneously. Of course, there would be mayhem and unintended deaths when so many people got involved, but that was all a part of the game’s charm and added to the fun. The Propeller Hat power-up was a welcome addition and a lot of fun to use, and it was introduced in this game.

7. Donkey Kong Country Returns

Since his heyday on the SNES, Donkey Kong has had a winding history up until the release of the Wii. Donkey Kong Country Returns brought back the classic side-scrolling action from previous games in the series, this time with a new ground slam attack that could change the world in which you were playing. While most of the game was played from left to right, you could use barrel cannons to teleport into the background or foreground and discover new areas. All of this work ultimately led to the creation of Tropical Freeze, a phenomenal Wii U game.

8. Super Mario Galaxy 2

Super Mario Galaxy 2 may be at the top of some people’s lists, but we put it a little lower than that. This basically retold the first Mario Galaxy, minus Rosalina’s subplot. This time around, you can actually ride Yoshi, and there are some cool new upgrades available. Despite this, the level design was excellent, with the gravity of the tiny planets drawing you in as you walked around them. This series has always been one of the Wii’s shining achievements.

9. Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Despite being the series’ unpopular middle child, Super Smash Bros. Brawl was instrumental in shaping the fighting game we know and love today. The Subspace Emissary campaign, for example, was essentially a fan fiction story made official because it featured the first official third-party characters in the game (Snake and Sonic). When this happened, it was the first step in making Smash more of a video game festival in general than just a Nintendo-centric event.

10. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

The release of Twilight Princess alongside a new Nintendo console was the first time a Zelda game had done so. It was developed exclusively for the GameCube and consequently released for that system. Given that Link is normally left-handed and the majority of the world is right-handed, the game has been flipped so that more players can use their preferred hand to control the Wiimote. The dungeons feature challenging but ultimately rewarding puzzles, and the overall adventure never gets stale. Also, in this game, Link can change into a wolf, and he’s accompanied by Midna, one of the best-supporting characters in the series.

The Bottom Line

Well, these are the best Wii games of all time ranked. We hope this guide has helped you. This article represents the opinion of the author and we don’t want anyone to feel that we are based. But if you are into RPG, we suggest that you play Resident Evil 4. If you liked this guide, make sure to comment down below so that we can know your thoughts.

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