7 Best VIPBox Alternatives

Everyone loves sports. Probably you, too, because you are here. Because VIPbox doesn’t often work or stops working, a lot of people are always looking out for the best VIPBox alternatives (vipbox.lc). If you are one of those users who wants to watch sports channels but aren’t in the mood to shell out a few bucks, our list of the best VIPBox alternatives is for you.

Best VIPBox Alternatives

What is VIPBox?

VIPBox.lc, or simply VIPBox, is a sports streaming website. Further, the website is completely free to use and offers every sports stream that is available via paid streaming websites or channels. For Cord-Cutters, VIPBox used to be the best source for online entertainment but only for Sports. On the other hand, TV or movie watchers can resort to USTVGO.TV.

Is VIPBox Shut Down?

No, VIPBox is not shut down. It is, in fact, running nice and strong. However, since streaming free Sports is considered illegal in almost every country, legal authorities have banned the usage of VIPBox to give a chance to authorized streaming providers.

This means that while VIPBox is up and running, you cannot stream sports on it. Let alone sports, you cannot even open their official website vipbox.lc. Keeping that in mind, here are the best VIPBox alternatives worth considering.

The Best VIPBox Alternatives

Here, we have the best VIPBox alternatives that you can use right now in 2024. In our opinion, all of these are worthy alternatives with some or more to offer.

1. SportRAR.tv

SportRAR.TV is the top alternative to VIPBox. If you are missing VIPBox, you should definitely try SportRAR.tv. Even its name has sports in it.

Unfortunately, the user interface of this website is not designed for ease of use. Instead, you will have a tough time navigating to your favorite sports channel. On the other hand, you will find everything, like each and every sports channel is present on SportRAR.tv.

If you wish to try it, copy and paste this URL on your address bar, and you are good to go or simply click on the below link.

Try Now: SportRAR


As the name suggests, this is the Mama of VIPBox. This means you will get everything Vipbox has to offer and even more. Even paid channels that are only available on Paramount+ can also be accessed from MamaHD.

Therefore, if you wish to see any sports channels that are unavailable on all channels, you can find them on MamaHD. If you wish to stream MamaHD, just copy and paste this URL: https://mamahd.best/ or click on the link below.


3. MyP2P.tv

MyP2P.tv has everything that other channels have to offer. Moreover, you get to see everything, including Football, Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball, and many more. Further, MyP2P.TV is one of the best VIPBox alternatives in 2024. P2P TV works in the same way as some of the best P2P software, by sharing the stream from peer to peer.

Interestingly, the website is similar to SportRAR. This means you will have a bit of trouble navigating through the menu and choosing your channel to watch sports.

Now, if you wish to stream Myp2p, just copy and paste this address on your address bar, and you are good to go: https://myp2p.tv/ or simply click on the link below.

Try Now: MyP2P.TV

4. FirstRowSports.eu

FirstRowSports is a European website that offers HD streaming of all sports channels. The website offers a minimalistic and easy-to-use interface that will be liked by many.

However, the number of streams is not huge when compared to the above options. Nevertheless, you still get every sports channel you would need to hone your sports appetite.

On the other hand, if the specific sports you are willing to watch are not available on FirstRowSports, you can anytime switch to the above-listed websites and start watching.

5. SportLEMON.net

If you are unable to access any of the aforementioned websites, SportLEMON is your best option. Moreover, the user interface is great, and you won’t have any trouble finding your beloved sports channel.

In our SportLEMON has everything you need, but it won’t suffice for your everyday needs because sometimes the streams are delayed. In that case, you might want to use SportRAR or MAMAHD.

Now, if you want to access SportLEMON, copy and paste this URL into your browser’s address bar, and you are good to go. Or for your convenience, below is the link to it.

Try Now: SportLEMON

6. SuperSport.com

SuperSport was the first channel that used to feature free sports streaming even before VIPBox came into play. As a result, it is one of the most popular streaming channels for fans all over the world. However, that has changed over time.

SuperSport is now only a sports blog that gives you scores of online live matches and updates them regularly.

Moreover, there’s a fake play button given below the game’s name, which will redirect you to DSTV, which is a paid subscription. All in all, SuperSport is now all farse and has no value if you want a proper VIPBox alternative. However, if you only want to watch scores.

Try Now: SuperSport

7. Fox Sports Live

Fox Sports Live needs no introduction. It is one of the most popular sports streaming websites. Over the years, its reputation has only increased. However, unlike other VIPBox alternatives, Fox Sports Live doesn’t feature every sports channel.

On the interesting side, you can also watch match highlights, which are only available on paid streaming services. If you wish to access Fox Sports Live, simply go to the link below.

Try Now: Fox Sports Live

The Bottom Line

Well, that’s all we have here about the best VIPBox alternatives. We hope this guide has helped you. If you have any other sports streaming website in mind, feel free to comment below, and we will add it to our list. Thank you for being our valuable reader. You can also check out the best sites like 123Movies.

We don’t promote or encourage users to watch copyright-protected content. This guide is only for information purposes.

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