Best Traits In Rogue Legacy 2

Class-specific weapons have been added to Rogue Legacy 2 as a new feature. For example, a mage in the original game could cast spells with ease, but he still carried a sword. A sword was used by every class, regardless of rank. Despite this, the player had access to a variety of other weapons in the form of traits.

A new generation of heroes inherits the hero bloodline’s traits in Rogue Legacy 2. The Belmont clan is cursed to hunt Dracula for eternity in this series, similar to Castlevania. In addition, Rogue Legacy 2 is more Metroidvania-like than ever before, so it’s worth noting. What are the most useful characteristics a child can be born with, out of all the possible ones?

Best Traits In Rogue Legacy 2

Best Traits In Rogue Legacy 2

Here are the best traits in Rogue Legacy 2. The traits mentioned here are based on completely our opinion. Please don’t confuse with the opinions made by anyone else on the web.

1. Aerodynamic

Best Traits In Rogue Legacy 2

It was possible in the first game to use a downward strike on enemies. Scrooge’s cane attack from the DuckTales video game was reminiscent of this move. It was changed to look more like a spin kick in Rogue Legacy 2. As a trait, Aerodynamic returns the animation to its original state.

Instead, characters will charge at their foes with a more ferocious intensity. It’s far from the most potent or practical ability in the game. It’s only there to draw attention to one of the most influential roguelikes of all time.

2. Cartographer

Best Traits In Rogue Legacy 2

Cartographer is a trait that has both a positive and negative side. Every biome’s entire map is visible to players. The drawback is that once a player’s marker has been removed from the map, they will have no idea where they are going. There is, however, a secret to mastering this ability. Taking manual notes is all that’s required of the players.

From the beginning of a warp point, players must figure out the exits in order to determine how far they are from the desired room. Because of how difficult this one can be, Spelunky is the better choice, but it’s still worth mentioning.

3. Disattuned

Best Traits In Rogue Legacy 2

Everything about Disattuned is an ode to the Undertale series, from its moniker to its visual cues. The entire body is darkened by this trait, giving the appearance of a shadow. A tiny heart is all that the enemy can see. Just like in that game’s battles, players can only take damage from this heart.

Inheriting it is a smart defensive move. Despite this, some enemies’ attacks still have a wide hitbox. Learning to control a character with this quality takes time and effort, but perseverance pays off in the end.

4. Clownanthropy

Best Traits In Rogue Legacy 2

Even if you don’t like clowns, it’s possible to play one in a role as a villain. The Clownanthropy trait, on the other hand, will allow players to bounce off of any surface. As a result, they are able to scale walls without the aid of bouncing objects like lamps.

Super Metroid games like that one have similar abilities, such as wall kicks. Since the sequel has a lot more Metroidvania elements than the original, it makes sense to compare it.

5. IIB Muscle Fibers

Best Traits In Rogue Legacy 2

In the notes, the IIB Muscle Fibers trait is described as “funny.” “A plumber’s jumping ability should be your goal.” In case that wasn’t clear enough, the trait will allow players to jump higher than they would normally be able to. A nod to the Mario Brothers, who excel at jumping and plumbing, is made.

Besides the pipe usage, plumbing isn’t a big part of the games in that series anymore. Pipes would have been a great addition to Rogue Legacy 2 if they had been included.

Well, these are some of the best Traits In Rogue Legacy 2. We hope this guide helped you. If you liked this, make sure to check out our guide on the best Relics in Rogue Legacy 2. After that, check out how to get Aether’s Wings in Rogue Legacy 2.

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