Best Beginner Tips for Sniper Elite 5

To succeed in Sniper Elite 5, besides beginner tips, you’ll need a high level of concentration and patience as well as an acute sense of vision. There is a lot of effort required to play this World War II-themed video game’s stealth gameplay, and it can take a lot out of a person if you plan on defeating the Nazis. In this guide, we’ll try to alleviate some of that burden by providing you with a few helpful hints.

Best Beginner Tips for Sniper Elite 5

Best Beginner Tips for Sniper Elite 5

Sniper Elite 5 presents a challenging learning curve for new players. Compared to other shooters, the series has a fairly steep learning curve when it comes to gameplay. When playing on more difficult settings, this is especially relevant.

So, in order to help newcomers better control their snipers while infiltrating a Nazi covert operation in 1944 France, the following suggestions have been provided.

1. Pick the right Skills Early On

As you progress through Sniper Elite 5, you’ll earn experience points that you can use to improve your skills. When you make wise decisions early on, you may be rewarded with boons that completely alter the landscape of your campaign. If you want to keep your heart rate from rising too quickly, for example, you’ll want to get both of the Health Boost skills and skills like Deep Breath and Cardio. Our Best Skills To Buy First guide has a comprehensive list of the best early-game skill circle purchases.

2. Spend Some Time Perfecting Your Loadout

On the lowest difficulty level, you can use any loadout you like, but on higher difficulty levels, you’ll want to learn which items best suit your playstyle. Make a point of going over and considering your options before each mission.

Pack Schu-mines and grenades, the latter of which can be made sticky in-game if you want to be slow but sneaky. A choke point can be set up with both of these tools, allowing you to lure your opponents into dangerous situations and pay the price for it.

You should also have plenty of bandages on hand in case you get into a shootout and need to heal up quickly. You can, of course, bring grenades with you for some pyrotechnics fun.

It’s all about sniping in this game, so you’ll need to make that the most important choice in your weaponry. A faster-firing rifle like the Gewehr 1943 might be a good choice if you like to move around and take out multiple enemies at once. In exchange for its slower rate of fire, the M.1903 has less bullet drop and an extraordinary range, which may be more advantageous if you’re a more methodical and stationary player.

3. Always Bring a Silenced Pistol

There are many places in the game that force you into buildings and other small spaces regardless of how hard you try to avoid close-quarters encounters with enemies. When it comes to killing your foes, you’ll need a silenced pistol to get the job done from a little further away.

Suppressors for your pistol (and SMG, if you prefer) can be added to your loadout menu as you find new workbenches in the game. There are some suppressors that are quieter than others, but this usually comes at the expense of other features, such as recoil and aiming time. Even though these trade-offs aren’t ideal, aiming for the quietest possible option is a good rule of thumb so that you don’t scare off other nearby enemies with your shots.

4. Use Decoys

Decoys can be found all over the map, so try to bring one or two along for each mission. Using these, you can distract your opponents while they are focusing their fire on something else, such as a helmet mounted on a stick.

Deploying your decoys automatically on a timer gives you the opportunity to get into a flanking position before they go off and alert nearby Nazis to your presence, which is an added benefit.

5. Reconnaissance is key

Sniper Elite 5’s main objective is to kill as many people as possible without being spotted. To put it another way, preparation is key, so grab your binoculars and scout out the area ahead of time, tagging as many enemies as you can. Be sure to circumnavigate major attractions whenever possible, scouting out potential advantages and identifying your goals to ensure that you have an escape route in case things go wrong.

6. Mask your sound whenever possible

Masking your gunshots is critical to your success, as it will allow you to keep the situation quieter than if you were going all out. Generators, vehicles, and other things can be tampered with to make a lot of noise in the area. The top of your screen will expand when enough noise is present to mask your shots when you’re near these items, so take advantage of that and take down your enemies during these moments to avoid detection. Use this information to your advantage.

7. Going prone steadies your aim

Gun movement and bullet drop can make it difficult to accurately aim your weapon. It’s a simple way to stabilize your aim, and it gives you even more incentive to look for places around the map where you can take advantage of this. Sniper nests can be found in tall buildings and guard posts, so keep an eye out for them. Once you’ve been spotted, you’ll have to find a new location to set up shop.

8. Beware of Axis Invasions

Axis invasions are similar to the popular Dark Souls invasions in that they allow a third party to enter your game and take control of your character. It is possible for them to move stealthily around the map and place booby-trapped items in strategic locations, increasing the awareness of other Nazis in the area and eventually executing you if the opportunity arises.

It’s possible to find a phone in a building that can provide you with information about the location of your intruder, which can make the showdown seem less daunting and stressful. The phones can be booby-trapped to explode when used, revealing all the information they need to know exactly what you’re up to, so be careful.

Well, that’s all we have here about the best beginner tips for Sniper Elite 5. We hope this guide helped you. If you liked this, make sure to check out Best Anime Wallpapers Sites.

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