Best Relics In Rogue Legacy 2

If you’re new to roguelikes, Rogue Legacy 2 is a great place to start. True even in the original game, but even more so in this one. The game’s hazards can be overcome in a variety of ways. Several assistance features, for example, can weaken the defenses of the opposition.

Players can also amass items known as Relics. Some of these relics can boost certain stats or give players special abilities by spending Resolve, which varies depending on the class. In Rogue Legacy 2, which of the many Relics are the most effective at giving the player an advantage?

Best Relics In Rogue Legacy 2

Best Relics In Rogue Legacy 2

Below we have discussed the 5 best Relics in Rogue Legacy 2. This is completely according to our opinion and others may be different. But when you play the game, it is up to you to choose and earn these.

1. Body Buffet

Best Relics In Rogue Legacy 2

In Rogue Legacy 2, or any roguelike for that matter, healing can be a challenge. A magical apple may appear in a room from time to time, restoring health or increasing health at the cost of damage taken. A piece of meat can be found on an enemy or in an object like a barrel, but it is extremely uncommon. That is extremely unlikely to occur. Finally, the special cooking ability available to members of the Chef class allows them to self-heal.

This aspect of healing is made a little easier by Body Buffet. It’s a relic that raises food spoilage by 16% when it’s nearby. While it’s not ideal, it’s much better than the game’s original starting point of just 1%.

2. Boxing Bell

Best Relics In Rogue Legacy 2

The Boxer class’s innate talent is represented by this Relic. No one should be surprised by the Boxer class’s boxing gloves. Weapons that look odd in a roguelike are actually powerful. The reason for this is that every hit will generate a combo meter, similar to a fighting game. A combo’s impact increases in direct proportion to its height in the combo.

This is a Relic that gives the player a bonus combo for any weapon they are currently holding. However, the Relic can still be used on a sword or other weapon in place of the boxer’s gloves. It’ll still be effective, but not to the same extent as if used with the weapon for which it was designed.

3. Glowing Ember

Best Relics In Rogue Legacy 2

One of the Relics, the Growing Ember, has the ability to stack. As long as this Relic is attached, the sixth attack will be 75% more powerful. Strength in weapons is correlated with the strength of this Relic’s effect.

This is yet another Relic that would come in handy during a boss battle, as was the case with the previous entry. Bosses could be wiped out in a matter of seconds with this and Voltaic Circle. There’s no doubt that the Relics are powerful on their own, but the combination is worth mentioning.

4. Voltaic Circlet

Best Relics In Rogue Legacy 2

When you first hear about the Voltaic Circle, you might not think it has much power. It takes 1.5 seconds for a player to generate an aura when they hit an enemy, and the aura lasts for the duration of the encounter. An enemy in the vicinity of this aura will be harmed. The more times a player hits an opponent, the more points they’ll earn.

Rogue Legacy 2’s bosses have far greater health than any other monsters, making the Relic an invaluable tool in the fight against them. In the hands of a character such as the Gunslinger, it is practically worthless. However, it is useful as a barrier to protect the defenders from smaller foes.

5. Weird Mushrooms

Best Relics In Rogue Legacy 2

The description of Weird Mushrooms doesn’t do enough to make it sound appealing. Infecting enemies with Spore Burst is the goal of this relic. An enemy’s demise will cause them to explode. A chain reaction of explosions can be set off if a large enough number of enemies gather around the infected object.

Seeing a long line of enemies explode into spores for the first time will no doubt be thrilling for players. At the same time, it’s a cool set of visuals and a useful Relic.

Well, these are the 5 best Relics in Rogue Legacy 2. We hope this guide helped you. If you liked this, make sure to check out how you can level up quickly in Rogue Legacy 2. The best Traits in Rogue Legacy 2 are also worth checking out.

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