10 Best Games Like Minecraft

There have been many games like Minecraft since the blocky survival icon went viral. With 126 million monthly active users since its launch in 2009, it is no surprise that other games are trying their luck to become a game like Minecraft. With that being said, here we have compiled a list of 10 best games like Minecraft.

Games Like Minecraft

10 Best Games Like Minecraft You Need To Play

There are times when the Minecraft experience isn’t what you’re looking for, and you’d rather have something else in its place. That’s where the best games, like Minecraft, come into play. As you can see, there are 10 games on this list that offer a similar gaming experience and elements like Minecraft in some way. Let’s get started!

1. Roblox

Games Like Minecraft

If you’ve ever played games like Minecraft, you’ll recognize the pitch for Roblox right away. All the map manipulation you’ve become accustomed to is in David Baszucki’s build ’em up game creation platform. However, there are also more options in place for you to shape the games that people play on your map, which means you can craft anything from a simulation to a racing game on your own map. The fact that it’s so good at construction is what makes it so great.

You’ll notice right away, however, that the design is a bit different. Roblox, in contrast to Minecraft’s block motif, has a more toy-like aesthetic. It’s also possible to buy, sell, and create virtual goods in Roblox. Even if you don’t have a Builders Club membership, you can still buy and sell clothes.

2. No Man’s Sky

Games Like Minecraft

Since its disputed launch on PS4 and PC in 2015, the small team behind No Man’s Sky has worked hard to deliver the game many had hoped it would be. Base building, a survival mode and 30 hours of story are now within reach thanks to a series of expansions. However, the most significant addition is online multiplayer, which for many people finally makes No Man’s Sky what they always hoped it would be.

No Man’s Sky, then, is what it sounds like. When viewed from a broader perspective, it’s all about discovery. As you make your way to the center of the universe, you embark on a personal journey through countless galaxies and planets. However, the ultimate goal of reaching the center is merely a catalyst for you to discover just how much there is to the game. It is possible to meet other intelligent species, encounter hostile robots, document docile creatures, and get entangled in space battles.

Even if you were initially put off by the negative reception that No Man’s Sky received, you should give it another chance. The game’s 2.0 update, Beyond, added far more content to the multiplayer experience and greatly improved elements like base building and missions, to great success. You can now build a house, farm, and harvest crops, as well as turn your natural resources into factories, making it a worthy successor to Minecraft.

3. Deep Rock Galactic

Games Like Minecraft

It’s currently in Early Access on Steam, but Deep Rock Galactic has taken the core concept of mining for ores and valuables and turned it into an entire game. When playing vanilla Minecraft, there’s little more to mining than digging a series of tunnels in the hope of finding gold… or diamonds, as the case may be.

In Deep Rock Galactic, that is further developed. In this game, you can pick your favorite class, form a group of three friends, and venture into the “most hostile cave systems in the galaxy.” If you’re looking for an immersive first-person shooter, look no further than Cave Story. Every time you play, just like in Minecraft, you’ll learn something new.

To get to your goal, you can either drill straight down to it, or you can take a variety of different paths to get there. The hostile creatures that stand in your way may influence your decisions. You have a vast arsenal of weapons at your disposal to deal with these threats, but you can only hold them off for so long before you’re forced to rush to the surface with as many of your treasures as you can carry. you.

5. Subnautica

Games Like Minecraft

As a player of Subnautica, you’ll be stranded on the enigmatic and watery Planet 4546B, a sea world filled with dangerous marine life. A single survivor’s mission in Minecraft is to go out in search of resources in order to build bases, submarines, or new tools. In contrast to Minecraft, you’ll have to monitor your oxygen levels as you descend into the ocean’s depths in order to stay alive. While Subnautica’s predecessor was primarily a block-based game, it also has a narrative that the player uncovers (or de-waters) as they explore their home. The game also features VR support, being one of the best VR games, allowing you to truly immerse yourself in the action. Subnautica: Below Zero, a standalone expansion, is now available for Early Access on Steam as well.

6. Fortnite

Games Like Minecraft

Even though you may be more familiar with its battle royale mode, Fortnite also has a co-op mode. At the outset, all you have is a pickaxe, which you can use to smash trees, rocks, and anything else you can think of to gather materials for building the best fortress ever in Fortnite: Save the World! That fortress must be built as soon as possible, as zombies are on the march and aim to obliterate everything in their path. To us, it sounds a lot like a Minecraft level. When PvP meets survival crafting in Fortnite: Battle Royale, you’ll see what we mean.

7. Space Engineers

Games Like Minecraft

You can build spacecraft, vehicles, and planetary outposts in both survival and creative mode in Space Engineers. There is no limit to what you can build or demolish with Minecraft’s unique volumetric physics engine, which allows you to dig, build and destroy everything you see. Because the game’s technology is based on what might be possible in the near future, it’s both entertaining and educational in some ways. With up to 16 players per world, you can either work together or compete against each other for control of the world. There are plenty of new ships and planets to discover in the game’s extensive modding community.

8. Stardew Valley

Games Like Minecraft

Until a creeper comes along and blows up a large portion of your land, farming in Minecraft is usually one of the most relaxing activities. Stardew Valley is a great choice if you prefer to spend your time tending to your crops rather than building and mining.

For your character to get out of the city life and start their own farm, you must first inherit your grandfather’s old farm. With a large plot of land to work with, you can clear and develop it however you like in order to make room for a wide range of crops and animals outside of your customisable house. You can meet villagers, go shopping, fish, and even mine in the village if you leave your farm. In the end, you’ll be able to marry the love of your life after getting to know the locals.

Stardew Valley’s multiplayer is another way to avoid feeling lonely while earning money from selling your crops and livestock. While exploring the mines and encountering dangerous creatures, having a few extra hands is definitely beneficial.

9. Rust

Games Like Minecraft

Rust is like, you get thrown into a hostile environment with no guidance or help. Die. Continue to perish. Eventually, you’ll learn to protect yourself from other players and the land’s radiation and weather hazards by making weapons, gear, and makeshift shelters. This will help you to survive.

Rust is a study of the worst aspects of human nature, which should be familiar to anyone who has played Minecraft. On the other hand, this means that your recently spawned avatar is at risk of being killed a lot by nefarious players. With a group of like-minded players, surviving can be a rewarding team effort. On the other hand, Facepunch Studios deserves credit for creating a game that doesn’t waste time on kitschiness.

10. Terriaria

Games Like Minecraft

Terraria couldn’t be left out of the list of best games like Minecraft. For as long as the sun has been shining, it has been known as ‘2D Minecraft.’ However, the reality is that it has much more to offer than that.

It doesn’t matter how far you travel or how far you go in search of treasure, the basic premise remains the same: construct a magnificent mansion or base of operations. You’ll quickly discover that Terraria has a lot more going on as you progress through the game.

NPCs, such as a nurse or a wizard, can be unlocked by completing specific objectives. In order to progress further into the Underworld and unlock expert mode – more bosses, enemies, biomes, and items – you’ll need each of these items. You’ll have to spend a lot of time playing Terraria if you want to finish it all, even though the game’s creative freedom isn’t as expansive as Minecraft’s.

The Bottom Line

Well, these are the best games like Minecraft. We hope this guide helped you. If you liked this, make sure to check out the best games If You Like Animal Crossing. Also, if you are using an Android smartphone, check out the best Battle Royale games for Android.

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