Best Classes in Rogue Legacy 2

The best classes in Rogue Legacy 2 are similar to that of the first game: when you die, you choose an heir to inherit all of your previous character’s currency and upgrades. In Rogue Legacy 2, choosing your heir is based on a few factors, all of which are tied to their class, such as their stats (health, mana, weapon damage, and spell damage), weapons, and special skills.

Best Classes in Rogue Legacy 2

Best Classes in Rogue Legacy 2

Rogue Legacy 2 introduces a slew of new classes and, as a result, a slew of new ways to explore the castle. Further, the best classes make it easier to farm XP and level up. The classes are all enjoyable and well-balanced in terms of combat capabilities, from the classic Knight to the new Gunslinger. There are a few that can provide you with a slight advantage. With that being said, here are the best classes in Rogue Legacy 2 to choose from.

1. Chef

Best Classes in Rogue Legacy 2

Rogue Legacy 2’s Chef class is a perfect example of how the game’s bizarre themes and entertaining mechanics work together. As the Chef, you use a frying pan that inflicts damage over time on your enemies when you whack them. For some boss projectiles, the frying pan can also be used as a deflector.

The class skill Stew of the Chef has three charges that regenerate large amounts of health and mana on top of these incredible offensive and defensive abilities. When you get a food drop, you can recharge one use of the skill, giving you a dependable means of healing yourself in a game with limited healing. The Chef is one of the best classes for surviving dungeons and defeating bosses thanks to this weapon and skill combination.

2. Valkyrie

Best Classes in Rogue Legacy 2

It’s hard to deny that the Valkyrie is one of the game’s most well-rounded and flexible classes. Long-range spear allows them to keep their enemies at a safe distance from each other. The spear can be used to attack in any of the four cardinal directions, similar to the popular Hollow Knight metroidvania.

You can also use the Valkyrie’s spear to deflect nearby projectiles by using their class skill, Deflect. Deflect can be recharged immediately if you block at least one projectile, but you normally need to hit five enemies to do so. Mana gained from blocking projectiles can be used to cast spells more frequently as a result of this ability. Because of the Valkyrie’s combination of abilities, she is invaluable in later areas and in boss battles.

3. Boxer

Best Classes in Rogue Legacy 2

The Boxer uses the strength of his fists while wearing a pair of gloves to defeat his adversaries. Fast, high-damage punches with no knockback are their primary attack, making it simple to land multiple hits in a row. While this is true for any class of Boxer, it’s critical for Boxer because each punch grants the status effect of Combo, which increases the damage done by your attacks for a period of time.

That’s not all: Boxer’s Knockout Punch lets you slam enemies into walls and other opponents for massive damage. Combo is depleted by using this skill, but it’s rare that you’ll ever need to stack all 30 to get the full effect. Most enemies can be instantly dispatched with a single knockout punch after just five combos are used.

4. Ronin

Best Classes in Rogue Legacy 2

The katana has replaced the sword in the hands of the Ronin, a reincarnation of the Shinobi class from the original game. In order to maximize your damage, you’ll need to learn how to properly space your attacks with this weapon, which has the widest attack range of any weapon in the game.

Immortal Kotetsu, a class skill of this samurai warrior, allows him to teleport and slash through any enemies in his path. Immortal Kotetsu recharges instantly after killing an enemy, allowing you to unleash a series of powerful slashes. As a result of the katana’s long reach and teleportation ability, Ronin is a fantastic class that deals high damage while also being extremely mobile.

5. Gunslinger

Best Classes in Rogue Legacy 2

In terms of visual and mechanical appeal, The Gunslinger is akin to the best cowboys in video games. With a single press of the attack button, the Gunslinger can quickly empty their revolver’s 22 rounds, dealing a surprising amount of damage. It’s easy to aim in the air because you’ll freeze in place until you stop firing.

Makeshift Explosive, the Gunslinger’s class skill, is simple but effective. At the same time as performing the small leap, you detonate some dynamite under your feet, which deals low damage. In addition to being a powerful area-of-effect weapon, the skill’s two charges and quick cooldown make it a useful movement option as well.

Well, these are the best classes in Rogue Legacy 2. We hope this guide helped you. If you liked this, make sure to check out the class tier list in Rogue Legacy 2.

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