ARK Survival Evolved: All Fjordur Unique Creatures Locations

Fjordur is the new world map for ARK: Survival Evolved, and it’s full of islands teeming with life (although you could have already encountered most of them in the previous updates). There are, however, five entirely new and original creatures to Fjordur that can only be found in this downloadable content.

ARK Survival Evolved: All Fjordur Unique Creatures Locations

ARK Survival Evolved: All Fjordur Unique Creatures Locations

This walkthrough for ARK: Survival Evolved will show you where to find and how to tame every single one of Fjordur’s rare creatures.

Andrewsarchus Location

Coordinates: 41.0 – 82.0, 25.0 – 71.0

This pig-like beast is quick and nimble, but only mildly aggressive, so it shouldn’t take too long to domesticate. Andrewsarchus has the added benefit of not necessitating a saddle.

ARK Survival Evolved: All Fjordur Unique Creatures Locations

Find the Broken Meadows between the two blue dots on the map above.

How to Tame?

Andrewsarchus can be domesticated by sneaking up on it, throwing honey in front of it, and letting it eat it. While they are busy chewing, hop on their back and move in the direction of the on-screen arrows. Andrewsarchus, once killed, will drop raw meat and hide.

Aberrant Megalania Location

Coordinates: 35.0 – 31.0

The Aberrant Megalania lizard is located close to the Hidden Grotto, as shown by the yellow pin on the map below.

ARK Survival Evolved: All Fjordur Unique Creatures Locations

How to Tame?

Although aberrant Megalania is more untamed and difficult to control than its domesticated relative, the process is largely the same. If you go into the Hidden Grotto, look up first; that’s where the majority of the lizards are hiding. Then, try to catch them using a harpoon weapon and a net that has been stretched out.

Then, feed them kibble or extraordinary kibble to tame them. If you kill one of these lizards, you might not only get its hide and meat, but also some toxin.

Desmodus Location

Coordinates: 90.0 – 78.0

Desmodus, a giant bat, can be captured and tamed if you travel to Balheimr island in the far southeast of the Fjordur map.

ARK Survival Evolved: All Fjordur Unique Creatures Locations

The red pin on the map above indicates the location of a large cave where these creatures breed, and it is here in the Balheimr Trench.

How to Tame?

Desomodus’ unique ability is to brew Sanguine Elixir, a potion that boosts your chance of taming any creature by 30%. In our detailed guide, we cover everything you need to know to tame Desmodus and make your own Sanguine Elixir.

Fjordhawk Location

Coordinates: 15.0 – 24.0

In both PvE and PvP, this giant mountain bird can be a lifesaver by allowing players to reclaim dropped items after death.

ARK Survival Evolved: All Fjordur Unique Creatures Locations

The green marker on the map indicates the typical breeding grounds for these birds: the Snaerheimr Mountains and the Skadifjord region in the northwest.

How to Tame?

Killing a nearby creature and feeding the Fjordhawk its flesh is required to tame the bird. If you feed it more meat, you can expect it to be tamed faster. Tamed versions of this creature can be used to transport loot back to the original spawn point.

Fenrir Location

There is no specific location for the Fenrir wolf creature on the map; however, it can be unlocked by slaying the six Fjordur mini-bosses at these coordinates:

  • Fjordur Beyla: 04.6 – 47.2
  • Jotunheim Steinbjorn: 77.7 – 30.8
  • Asgard Hati & Skol: 20.5 – 37.1
  • Broodmother Lysrix: 57.3 – 65.6
  • Megapithecus: 56.6 – 84.6
  • Dragon: 86.2 – 05.1

After taking out all of the island bosses, you’ll have to bring the monsters’ severed heads to the runestones to summon Fenrir for the ultimate boss battle against Fenrislfr. When the fight is over, Fenrislfr will drop a cryopod containing Fenrir, effectively creating a tamed version of the dragon that can be called upon at any time.

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