All Operators in Rainbow Six Mobile

Ubisoft has released Rainbow Six Mobile which is a brand new Rainbow Six game and heavily borrows attributes from Siege. As a result, many of the game’s Operators are available for you to play as. The Operators in the game are divided into Attackers and Defenders for the purposes of this guide.

However, at this time, Ubisoft is yet to reveal the full roster of characters. Pre-release images, the footage we saw, and information shared by those with early access to the game were used to compile the following lists.

All Operators in Rainbow Six Mobile

All Operators in Rainbow Six Mobile

Even though Rainbow Six Mobile does not claim to replace Rainbow Six Siege, it shares many of the game’s maps and operators. There are a lot of familiar faces in Rainbow Six Mobile, but there are a few differences in how these operators operate.

All Attackers in Rainbow Six Mobile

Attackers are the Operators you can use when attempting to take down a target from afar. Their gadgets are designed to infiltrate and exterminate their enemies. As a member of the Attacking team, you will be tasked with sneaking into a target location and removing the bomb.


All Operators in Rainbow Six Mobile

Among Rainbow Six Siege’s roster, Ash is a well-known operator, and we expect that to carry over to the mobile version as well. To take out bulletproof gear and soft surfaces alike, she brings Breaching Charges.

When it comes to Rainbow Six Mobile, Ash may have lost her stun grenades in the original Rainbow Six Siege.


All Operators in Rainbow Six Mobile

Hammer is one of Rainbow Six Siege’s most iconic elements, and Sledge brings it along. Soft breacher, a specialist in opening soft walls and floors, is his specialty. Sledge’s high pick rate in Rainbow Six Siege can be attributed to his high-quality gun kit and frag grenades.

Because Sledge is the only Rainbow Six Mobile soft breacher, we can assume he will be a regular in any attacking team. In addition, his frag grenades are a big help.


All Operators in Rainbow Six Mobile

Twitch is bringing the Shock Drone, a unique drone capable of firing tasers and destroying electronic devices in its path. Twitch is a very effective operator in Rainbow Six Siege because of her ability to gather intelligence (two Shocking Drones and a standard drone), to disable defender gadgets, and her F2. It is expected that she will be as prominent in Rainbow Six Mobile as she is in the main game.


All Operators in Rainbow Six Mobile

In terms of hard breachers, Thermite is the first. If you want to open reinforced surfaces like walls or hatches, you’ll want to hire a hard breacher. Thermite should be a popular operator in Rainbow Six Mobile because hard breachers are essential in any attacking lineup.


All Operators in Rainbow Six Mobile

There are two hard breachers on the list, and Hibana is one of them. Hibana’s hard breaching device, the X-KAIROS, can be thrown from a safe distance, whereas Thermite requires close proximity to the surface to be destroyed.

She can use two, four, or six X-KAIROS at the same time in Rainbow Six Siege’s multiplayer mode. Her Rainbow Six Mobile version, which was recently tweaked, could return us to the roots of Rainbow Six Siege. We’ll have to wait and see.


All Operators in Rainbow Six Mobile

In Rainbow Six Mobile, the hard breacher’s best friend is also present. Thatcher, a S.A.S. operator, carries an EMP grenade, a weapon that temporarily disables all defense systems. So that Hibana or Thermite can deactivate Bandit’s batteries, he has this.

He’s a key player in Rainbow Six Siege, and you can bet he’ll have just as much of an impact in Rainbow Six Mobile.


All Operators in Rainbow Six Mobile

In Rainbow Six Siege, the operator Ying is particularly dreadful. A device she brings with her is the Candelas, which is capable of blinding any player in the game, including both the defenses and the attacks. She has an LMG and an insane amount of utility in her pocket, making her extremely powerful.

In Rainbow Six Siege, Ying’s abilities aren’t put to good use. We don’t expect this to happen in Rainbow Six Mobile because of the limited number of operators. Ying will most likely become the new bane of the defense.

All Defenders in Rainbow Six Mobile

This is a complete list of all the defenders you can summon. These Operators are well-equipped with tools that allow them to dig in and keep Attackers out. To keep the Attackers at bay while the timer runs out, you’ll have to put up barricades and other contraptions as part of your role as a Defender.


All Operators in Rainbow Six Mobile

As a roamer, Caveira is tasked with roaming the map. She has the silent walk, which allows her to run or walk soundlessly. For roaming, Caveira is an extremely powerful character, especially in the maps that have been confirmed for Rainbow Six Mobile.

When downed attackers are interrogated by Caveira, she can learn where her opponents are. At least in the early stages of Rainbow Six Mobile, we expect Caveira to be a popular character.


All Operators in Rainbow Six Mobile

In order to slow down the attackers, Bandit can use his electric batteries to power reinforced walls and barbed wire. Thermite and Hibana cannot use their gizmos against an electrified wall, making him the primary foe of any hard breacher.

Even though Kaid hasn’t been revealed, Bandit is expected to be a must-have character in Rainbow Six Mobile.


All Operators in Rainbow Six Mobile

In Rainbow Six Siege, Rook isn’t the best operator. It’s not uncommon for him to have a low pick rate, but he’s one of the best players in the game.

Rook provides his teammates with additional armor, increasing their overall health. In the early stages of Rainbow Six Mobile, his MP5 may be the only one with a magnified sight on defense.


All Operators in Rainbow Six Mobile

Smoke is one of Rainbow Six Siege’s most recognizable characters. He is armed with one of the best shotguns and the SMG-11 as well. Any operator who breathes in the gas smoke from his canisters will be injured. However, we don’t yet know how the community will react to the use of shotguns in the mobile version of Rainbow Six.


All Operators in Rainbow Six Mobile

Rainbow Six Siege gets three new throwable cameras in Valkyrie. In Rainbow Six Mobile, we expect information to be of the utmost importance. Because her primary weapon has a manageable amount of recoil, she’s likely to be chosen by new players. It’s a good idea to use her to get a feel for the Siege world and see just how critical information is in this game.


All Operators in Rainbow Six Mobile

If players don’t want to use Bandit, Mute can be an excellent alternative. Drones and hard breach charges are no match for Mute’s jamming devices. In Rainbow Six Siege, he’s a key player because of the strategic importance of gathering information, and his jammers make that difficult. Another important benefit to keep in mind is the ability to defend against hard breachers.

Mute’s impact in Rainbow Six: Siege will almost certainly be the same in Rainbow Six: Mobile. Mute may be an even better choice than Bandit, depending on your playstyle.


All Operators in Rainbow Six Mobile

Recruit is the final operator. Recruit is a versatile character in Rainbow Six Siege. Recruit doesn’t have any special abilities or gadgets, but he has a large supply of utility and weapons. When you first begin the game, you’ll want to pay attention to him. Although we expect him to fade away as soon as most players unlock the game’s operators.

Which Are the Best Operators in Rainbow Six Mobile?

If we look at the significance of operators in Rainbow Six Siege, we have an idea of the answer to this question.

Hard breachers are a necessity on the offensive side. Thermite or Hibana must be brought by all players. Thatcher or Twitch will be required to accompany the hard breacher operator in order to eliminate any defense utility. To round out the team, Sledge and Ying or Ash are a possibility.

On the other hand, Bandit or Mute will be used almost every round as a defensive strategy. Rainbow Six Mobile’s only pure anchor, Smoke, should be included as well. Caveira and Valkyrie can both be useful additions, especially on Bank, a map with many hidden rooms and nooks.

Well, these are all the operators in Rainbow Six Mobile. We hope this guide helped you. If you liked this, make sure to check out our upcoming articles on Rainbow Six Mobile.

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