How to Fix State of Decay 2 Keeps Crashing


Recently, gamers started flooring Reddit threads that State of Decay 2 keeps Crashing. We were unfamiliar because ours didn’t. However, after some trial and error, we experienced the same. Here’s how you can fix it.

State of Decay 2 has been developed by Undead Labs & published by Xbox Game Studios. It’s an open-world zombies survival video game released on 22 May 2018. But some players are reporting that the State of Decay 2 Keeps Crashing on the PC. So don’t worry, here are some working fixes for you.

How to Fix State of Decay 2 Keeps Crashing

How to Fix State of Decay 2 Keep Crashing

If you’re also facing the state of decay 2 keeps crashing issues & problems, then you should follow our troubleshooting guide that 100% fixes crashing problems. First, know that each & every computer system is different in terms of software and hardware configuration.

Here are some listed common errors that are responsible for crashing:-

  1. First To Do – Press the Windows key and type ‘Event Viewer.
  2. Press Enter.
  3. After That Click on Windows Logs in the left pane.
  4. Click on System or Application.
  5. Look for any errors related to ‘Stateofdecay2.exe’ or ‘Microsoft. Dayton’.

If any errors are found here related to “DCOM Server Error” then you will complete pending window updates. If the window is updated. Contact Microsoft Support directly for troubleshooting.

After that state of decay 2 keeps crashing so here’s requiring 3 supporting apps: Xbox, Xbox Game Bar & Xbox live. Install Xbox Console Companion and restart your PC.

If the state of decay 2 keeps crashing again after confirming that the fix you tried didn’t solve the issue. So, Don’t worry follow the next fixes recommendation to resolve crashing problems in the state of decay 2 are below:-

Fix 1: Check for System Requirements

Make sure to check PC configuration is compatible with the requirements of State of Decay 2 or not.

Fix 2: Antivirus Settings

if the game crashes after you add antivirus software. antivirus software could block the operation of State of Decay 2, to ensure that the game works properly. Recommend to add it as an exception to antivirus software and ensure it is allowed through.

Fix 3: Outdated Graphics Card Driver

check on PC using a faulty or outdated graphics driver. Install the latest graphics driver to fix the state of decay 2 keeps crashing problems.

Fix 4: Try Running the Game with Administrator Privileges

Check that only one instance of State of Decay 2 is installed on the PC By simple steps – Press Windows Key and type ‘PowerShell’, Right-click on the icon and select Run as administrator. Check duplicate and remove duplicate files of state of decay 2.

Fix 5: Window Updates Pending

By updating the window system get the latest fixes and security improvements. That helps to run the PC smoothly and fix the game crashing issue. Always remember to update the window.

Fix 6: Check for GPU Driver Updates

Check drivers are up to date. Specifically drivers for GPU.

Fix 7: Game Updates

Check game updates frequently maximum of players used the old version so it’s also a main crashing problem in the state of decay 2.

Fix 8: Uninstall Xbox Apps

Xbox One digital version of the game recommended. Select “Manage game & add-on then Uninstall all & installed again.

Fix 9: Download Language Pack

Lots of gamers reported State of decay 2 keeps crashing and they fixed the issue by setting English (United States) as the default language.

Fix 10: The Famous Trio: Move/Reset/Reinstall

Keep in mind that the game should not be installed in low disk space it’s causing a crashing issue in State of Decay 2. To Uninstall the game from a low space disk and move it to another disk where your PC has high space.

Try all recommended solutions to fix the state of decay 2 keeps crashing problems. If you are facing the state of decay 2 crashing problems again feel free to contact us.


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