FIFA 23 Careers Announced. EA Adds Top Coaches, Chance Management, and Player Career Personalization

FIFA 23 Careers Announced. EA Adds Top Coaches, Chance Management, and Player Career Personalization

Let’s talk about the new add-ons you can experience in the latest FIFA update!

You can play for Guardiola! More on e-sports and bets here:

FIFA 23 Careers Announced. EA Adds Top Coaches, Chance Management, and Player Career Personalization

You Can Now Play for Guardiola!

EA Sports continues to upgrade the career mode. Last year, the developers added extensive club and regen customization. What improvements will appear in FIFA 23? Subscribe to our telegram about games and movies. All news and insides are there!

Deep Personalization in the Player’s Career

Player career customization is a key innovation in FIFA 23 according to EA. You will be able to demonstrate the character of a controlled footballer. The player will receive an individual type of personality, which will balance three styles and be pumped depending on the behavior.

“Individualist” is the most aggressive style. It is typical for ambitious players who love a luxurious lifestyle. “Virtuoso” will suit modest players focused on football achievements. A player with a dominant “Heart of the Team” style has a strong will, determination, and high team spirit.

Dangerous Moments During the Simulation

EA has improved the match simulation. Gamers will be able to view critical moments and influence the game in different parts of the field: both in attack and defense. Now you do not need to play a full match, and the seasons will become much shorter if desired. Managed highlights are available for both careers.

New Menu

EA Sports is aiming for a unified style, so FIFA 23 will have a new menu. Now it completely copies the Ultimate Team mode. The most important information will appear in a large information window.

Live Movies Update

FIFA 23 will expand the system of dynamic videos: they will show players getting into the starting lineups of important matches, key transfer signings, etc. The system will especially brightly fit into the player’s career.

Transfer Analyst

Transfer Analyst is a new manager career feature. It will help improve your negotiating skills as well as sum up the results of transfers. After each transaction, you will see a computer verdict: from A (great deal) to F (financially failed transfer). For example, Haaland’s €197m move to City was rated B by AI, which is a good deal.

After the transfer, the system will evaluate the new player. High-ranking players will have the best influence on the team.

Real Managers

FIFA is finally adding real coaches! More than 350 managers will appear in the game, and about 30 of them will receive animated faces. Among them are Pep Guardiola, Antonio Conte, and Steven Gerrard. The chosen manager can be sent to any team: Pep will lead Manchester United or Real Madrid without question. Customization of the appearance of the trainer is also available.

However, the feature cannot be called new — real managers were still in PES 2020. However, its scale in FIFA 23 pleases.

Other Career Changes:

  • The ability to customize the third form of the club and the goalkeeper will be added.
  • During the transfer negotiations, a clear indicator of the tension of the representative of the other club will appear.
  • Redesigned financial system. Switching between budgets of transfers and salaries will disappear.
  • The format of the pre-season tournament will change. Only the winner will receive prize money, the matches will become closer to the start of the season.
  • Investments and shops will appear in the player’s career.
  • Saved items will expand to 17 slots.

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