Far Cry 6: Should You Kill McKay or Let Him Live

Far Cry 6: Should You Kill McKay or Let Him Live

The choice of whether to kill McKay or let him live in Far Cry 6 may appear to be a difficult one, but it isn’t.

When you’ve finished the main operations in El Este, you’ll have to decide what to do about the Yanqui intruder. Your choice, like most things in Far Cry 6, has limited consequences.

Far Cry 6: Should You Kill McKay or Let Him Live

Far Cry 6 kill McKay – What Happens if you Kill McKay?

As the operation comes to a close, Dani receives a call from Juan Cortez, who explains how the situation will play out.

The plan is to let McKay return to America, but when has Dani ever followed the rules? You can quit McKay at any time, and it’s the only way to get a valuable piece of gear: the “Canadians, What?” wrist gear.

It’s a highly situational piece of gear that ensures enemies drop pesos when defeated — but only if you use poison to defeat them.

Canadians, What? is a good way to farm pesos if you have a weapon with the poison rounds ammo mod. If you don’t, you’ll just get satisfaction from watching McKay get his due.

Far Cry 6 Kill McKay – What happens if you let McKay live?

The default option is to let McKay live, which requires you to do nothing while the story unfolds. He’ll leave the boat as scheduled and ride off into the sunset over the American plains, but not before giving you 5,000 pesos.

It’s a pittance, and you can easily make up for it by raiding FND bases, completing treasure hunts, or killing McKay and farming pesos with his wrist gear. Nonetheless, the outcome is unimportant in the end.

Move on to the next mission after you’ve done what you think is best for your version of Dani.

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