Far Cry 6: Where to find FND Caches

Far Cry 6: Where to find FND Caches

In Far Cry 6, there are a few different ways to get supplies. The military forces will strew about FND Caches you’ll be fighting on Yara.

These are necessary for finding and obtaining their valuable resources in order to expand your weapon attachments and modifications at the workbench.

This guide explains where you can find FND Caches in Far Cry 6 and how to find out where they are.

Far Cry 6: Where to find FND Caches

Where to find FND Caches in Far Cry 6?

Many of the FND Caches in Far Cry 6 will be found in military installations. The FND Caches are strewn about the base and are guarded by a large number of military personnel.

Far Cry 6: Where to find FND Caches

Some may be on the outskirts of the base, such as in a small tent, but the majority will be inside the more secure structures. To obtain them, you’ll have to either sneak into a compound or remove all of the guards in order to take over the base for the Libertad.

You can find a nearby informant who is willing to sell you information about an FND Cache location before attacking a base.

Far Cry 6: Where to find FND Caches

You’ll need some Yaran Pesos to pay them back, and you’ll want to keep your weapons holstered when approaching them for information. These NPCs can provide you with the exact location of any nearby FND Caches.

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