How to E-sign a PDF document Without Printing and Scanning?

How to E-sign a PDF document Without Printing and Scanning?
How to sign PDF documents online without printing and scanning? As you know, we live in the 21st century where we deal with different businesses online. People make deals via online meetings and sign contracts online. Are you confused about how to sign the contract online? Let me tell you E-signature tools can help you to sign any online contract or any paper online.
E-signature is basically a kind of signature where people use a different element to signify that the person signing agrees to the terms and conditions of the file.
Nowadays, people prefer E-signature over wet signatures because of different reasons. Most business companies and brands use e-signature because they work online with international companies, so signing a contract can’t be a wet sign. Therefore, they agree to the contract by E-signature.
Additionally, the class teacher who gives the weekly task to 100-plus students to write an assignment and submit it online in PDF format, how will he check and sign the PDF assignment? Will he get the print of all assignments or scan documents? No, as you know, it’s hard to sign 100 plus PDF files manually. That’s a better option than doing e signature. In this way, he can save time and mark all assignments checked in a short time.
In addition, the company CEO, whose duty is to approve or disapprove a project, or manages to check and sign multiple files each day? Does he do a wet signature? No, the company CEO mostly uses E-signature to save time.
Have you ever noticed how your college head or VC signs every signal notice? It’s funny but let me tell you, he doesn’t sign any notifications. Actually, he gives this task to his team to do E-signature of her or him on every new notification.
People in such conditions go with an E-signature rather than a manual or wet signature. But still, people are unaware of how to do e-signature on PDF files. Let me explain to you that signing a document with E-signature can be done in a snap with a free PDF editor.

iTop PDF

iTop PDF is a highly efficient editing tool that is available free of cost. This PDF editing tool can help you in various ways, such as signing bulk documents online, adding text, merging or splitting PDF pages, adding watermarks, removing watermarks, or changing the format of the file in different formats such as excel, PDF, word, PPT, image, etc.
This PDF tool is free; it doesn’t charge you for any kind of editing; it is simply an easygoing tool.
So if you want to complete your document signing task in a short time, choose iTop PDF tool for E-signature.

How To Do E-signature With iTop PDF?

Signing a file online is easy with iTop PDF editor because it is easy to use the tool; it does not ask you to follow any complicated way to add E-signature on file without printing and scanning files:
  1. Visit the iTop website and install iTop PDF file on your device
  2. Go to iTop PDF editor interface and click on more tool options here
  3. Now add the PDF file which you want to sign How to E-sign a PDF document Without Printing and Scanning?
  4. After adding the PDF file, click on the signature option
  5. Create a signature for yourself with letters, images, or withdrawing. How to E-sign a PDF document Without Printing and Scanning?
  6. After creating, add this signature where you want to add
  7. Here you can add multiple signatures for your team too.
  8. After signing the file, save it.

Why is iTop PDF Editor Best for E-signature?

There are many reasons to useiTop PDF tool for digital signature or E-sign, and the most appreciative reason is that it is a secure way to sign bulk files online. The multi-factor authentication factor for signature will protect your signature from being tampered with.
Additionally, it is the most convenient tool; in this tool, you customize your E-signature, and it allows you to create a signature with drawings, letters, and other alignments. You can use the color of your choice for your signature and create multiple signatures. Additionally, you can place your signature at any place on a PDF file.


No doubt numerous tools offer E-signature, but If you are looking for a fast and free PDF E-signature tool, then use iTop PDF editor to sign online files quickly without printing and scanning files.

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