Destiny 2 Players Experience a New PC Performance Problem

Destiny 2 Players Experience a New PC Performance Problem

Some players of Destiny 2 have complained about problems with the PC version recently. There have been some performance issues with this game version. It’s not a fluke that so many players have had the same issues recently.

Since its release in 2017, Destiny 2 has amassed a massive following among fans of the long-running franchise. The game’s current player base of 60,000 shows no signs of dwindling. In spite of the game’s age, Bungie has kept players engaged with a steady stream of updates and DLC. While Destiny 2 was released on consoles, it was also made available for the PC, and it suffered from the same issues that plague most PC games.

Way to Fix the PC Performance Issue in Destiny 2

Is there a Way to Fix the PC Performance Issue in Destiny 2?

Unfortunately, many players are having similar issues, as was discussed in a post a few hours ago on the official Destiny the game subreddit. The post claims that after recent updates, a large number of players have noticed a sudden drop in frame rate. Even though the original poster solved his performance issues this week, many other PC players are still complaining about the same issues. As a result, you can try out some fixes on your own such as updating your graphics driver or completely reinstalling Destiny 2.

In certain areas or when facing a large number of enemies, the frame rate can drop from 140 to 50 in a matter of seconds, as reported by multiple players. Since most cases are different, there must be many causes for this kind of performance, but some players have reported having these issues since some updates went live.

Unfortunately, even PC gamers with top-tier systems are affected. Often, it is not the case that outdated PC hardware and software are to blame for a game’s poor performance on the PC platform.

Some Destiny 2 players have even theorized that these performance issues are to be expected because upgrading from a mid-range to a high-end PC setup does not significantly improve gameplay. Now, all players can do is wait for a fix to come from the studio. Poor performance is unfortunately common in PC games, but veteran gamers know how to deal with it.

Well, that’s all we have here about the new PC performance issue in Destiny 2. We hope this guide helped you. If you liked this, make sure to check out how you can complete Forging Iron Quest in Destiny 2

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