Battlefield 2042 Players Stuck in Menu Due to Unable to Load Persistence Data Error – Developers Respond

Battlefield 2042 Players Stuck in Menu Due to Unable to Load Persistence Data Error – Developers Respond

Due to an Unable to Load Persistence Data error, many Battlefield 2042 players are unable to progress past the main menu.

The list of errors appears to be getting longer every minute. Since the game’s release, Battlefield 2042 players have experienced a slew of bugs and glitches.

There are currently network issues, missing features, content that has been removed, and even people who are still waiting for access to the game.

The situation does not appear to be improving, especially with the addition of Battlefield 2042’s new Unable to Load Persistence Data error.

Battlefield 2042 Players Stuck in Menu Due to Unable to Load Persistence Data Error – Developers Respond

Unable to Load Persistence Data Error in Battlefield 2042 – Cause and Fix

After attempting to connect to a server, the Unable to Load Persistence Date error returns players to the Battlefield 2042 main menu.

The situation has already been brought to EA’s attention. The publisher clarified that this isn’t a regional problem.

Furthermore, EA stated that the problem is due to a remote connection issue on its end.

This means that gamers have limited options for resolving the issue on a local level.

However, all hope is not lost. EA advised continuing to hit Retry and attempting to join a server once more.

This problem was only recently discovered. As a result, there is still no set deadline for a resolution.

Because it affects gamers at random, we recommend that you try to sign in to a server from time to time.

Gamers Affected by This Network Error in Battlefield 2042

The number of gamers affected continues to rise. However, the problem appears to be intermittent in nature.

Some players have politely requested a resolution timeframe.

Others are politely requesting a quick fix. Similarly, pointing out the small number of hassle-free matches that have been enjoyed thus far.

The fact that you had to be a member or pay extra for early access was not overlooked.

Overall, the Battlefield 2042 launch experience has been bumpy.

Update – Nov 13

Backend maintenance was performed by EA to address the problem, according to the company. This should, according to their official communication, reduce the number of times this error occurs.

It is, however, continuing to monitor the situation in order to make any necessary adjustments.

In Battlefield 2042, players have reported everything from hovercrafts driving up walls to a bad audio design experience.

We hope that the Unable to Load Persistence Data error is resolved soon so that gamers can continue to enjoy the game as intended.

Well, that’s all we have here about players stuck in menu due to Unable to Load Persistence Data Error. We hope this guide helped you.

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