Apptivo CRM Review

Apptivo CRM Review

Using Apptivo CRM software, it is possible for businesses to attract, engage, and keep customers. With its user-friendly interface and scalability, it provides a set of apps that help businesses thrive. Here’s the complete review of Apptivo CRM to help you make an informed decision.

Regardless of the size of your company, Apptivo has a feature set that will appeal to you. It includes features such as lead management, opportunity pipeline management, campaign management, and flexible workflow tools, including marketing automation, to help you keep track of leads and opportunities. There is a complete set of sales tools for activity tracking and integrated quotation generation from the pipeline, as well as professional PDFs for emailing to customers.

Apptivo CRM Review

Apptivo Pricing

If you’re looking for a CRM that’s both free and affordable, Apptivo CRM solution is the best option. With the Premium plan ($10 per month for monthly billing or $8 per month for annual billing) we were able to test the company branding, IMAP email, reports, message templates and 3 GB of storage per user in addition to license and insurance tracking.

For $25 per user per month or $20 per user per month, billed annually, Ultimate adds more storage, more API requests per day, 24-hour phone support and access to select apps like Properties, Sales Planning, and Territory Management. Apptivo offers an Enterprise tier that includes additional features such as a dedicated instance and white labeling, but you’ll need to contact the company for pricing information.

You can start with Apptivo CRM by signing up for a free 30-day trial, checking out the various service tiers, or downloading the free software. There is a price comparison chart on the Pricing page, as well as a link to Apptivo Enterprise. Apptivo’s solution for larger businesses is the latter, which offers custom pricing and discounts for large volumes of use from the outset.

Lead Management, Users, and Contacts

Apptivo CRM Review

Apptivo’s weekly calendar and tasks are displayed in a navigation panel on the right when you log in. Depending on your preferences, you can choose between a list view or a calendar view. Similarly, you can alter your task view to show only the tasks that are due today, as well as those that are overdue, upcoming, or completed.

Links to your calendar, tasks, call logs, work queues, follow-ups, emails, and notes can be found on the left side of the page. Any apps you’ve installed can be accessed via a drop-down menu at the top of the screen. Apptivo asks a few questions about your business when you first set up the software. Apptivo will provide you with a list of apps that other businesses like yours have found useful based on your answers.

Getting Apptivo up and running requires choosing from among the more than 40 apps available, and you can do so on the fly thanks to the platform’s customizability. Your product management and supply chain tools should include apps like order tracking and inventory management, as well as shipping apps if you’re in retail sales. In Zoho CRM, this level of customization is possible, but Apptivo feels more approachable.

Apptivo CRM Review

The Category link at the top of your page will help you find any type of project, deal, lead, or opportunity you’re looking for. The Project Management drop-down menu has a Projects option. On your project’s newsfeed, you’ll be able to see all activity from your team members. Create a new project from scratch or modify an existing project by clicking the Create a Project button on the left. With a budget in place, the software can automatically generate an invoice or timesheet when it’s time to be paid.

In Apptivo, any tasks or scheduled activities you associate with a project, lead, contact, or any other object will appear in your agenda as reminders. If you don’t specify otherwise in the settings, any updates or tasks you need to complete will appear in the newsfeeds of your teammates. You can alter the software if you don’t like a feature.

Custom workflow automation rules can also be built using Apptivo’s triggers. There are a variety of ways to build rules, including using specific events as triggers or monitoring patterns over time. There is additional tooling for managing multiple sales pipelines, and logic can be defined to control when deals can move to the next stage in the sales apps.

In addition, the platform has powerful campaign management tools. With Apptivo’s mass email marketing feature, you can do more than just send emails to your contacts. For specific campaigns, companies can build CRM contact lists and use the platform’s visual designer to create a custom email template.

Breakdown of Core features

Lead Management

The Lead Management feature ensures that no leads fall through the cracks by keeping track of them. Tracking and managing all potential customers in one place empowers businesses. It’s possible to manually create and collect leads in the Apptivo Leads App from web forms, emails, or APIs; this is all possible with the Apptivo Leads App.


It is possible to collaborate with others while on the go and keep all of your contacts in one place with Apptivo Contact Management. In addition, this feature allows teams to carry out their daily follow-up activities without interruption.


There are multiple ways in which Apptivo can help your business. Users can monitor sales team performance using Apptivo’s Opportunity Management feature to see the win/loss rates. Every app’s percentage of the conversion process is displayed in a monthly and yearly format by the software.


Using Apptivo Contracts, users have access to a wealth of information about each drafted agreement. This feature enables customers to tailor their agreements. During the sales process, teams can also keep track of contracts and customer information. Apptivo allows users to generate contract reports for future reference by providing a summary of contracts created within a specified time period.

Bottomline – The Best CRM for Small and Medium Businesses

Companies that invest in Apptivo will get a solution that mirrors the functionality of more expensive products like Salesforce, as well as a wealth of customization options. Apptivo is flexible enough to grow with a company’s needs. As a result, this makes Apprivo one of the best CRM software in 2022 for varieties of businesses. Make sure to try it out.

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